Driver License Appeals / Court Ordered Assessments

This agency specializes in Assessments for District and Circuit Courts and the Driver's License Appeal Division(DLAD)

If you have had a recent drunk driving or drug related offense it is crucual to your sentencing outcome that you provide the Court with an in-depth substance abuse evaluation.  This will indicate that you have taken initiative to take responsiibilty for your actions prior to your hearing, usually resulting in a positive outcome.

An assessment is a diagnostic process, which concisely identifies a substance abuse problem and associated behaviors to detrmine the severity of a substance abuse problem, resulting in a clinical diagnosis. 

This is determined by a thorough personal background history, which includes personal drinking history, familial history, underlying issues related to the abuse of alcohol or any illicit substance and other testing instruments. 

Assessments for the DLAD must be accurate to be successful in obtaining your driving privileges, it incudes questions identifying all the above.   

With or without legal counsel, if your evaluation is not completed properly by a state licensed substance abuse therapist, your driving privileges will be denied and not eligible to appear for another hearing for one year.

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