Successful Restorations

Let Us Help You Get Your License...

Trying to get your driver's license back can be a frustrating process without the proper assistance.  If your appeal is denied, you will have to wait one year to re-appeal.  If you're the majority you associate driving with freedom; so it is crucial to choose a provider who is not only familiar with the procedure, but educated in the evaluation process.  

There are several agencies and independent providers who will do your evaluation, but fail to address the necessary issues crucial to a successful restoration.  After speaking to us you will feel confident that you have chosen the best agency to guide you through the process to successfully have your driving privileges restored.   

We ask that you obtain your Master Driving Record (MDR) to assure that you have the proper information related to your driving history at the time of your evaluation.  

 You can order your record by telephone at: 517-322-1624.  Payment by Discover, Master Card or Visa is required; you can also have it sent to your address on record or by mail by completing a record request form.  This could be a timely process.

The easiest way is to go directly to any Secretary of State office and request your record, which will be immediately submitted to you; upon providing your State ID or picture identification and paying a process fee of seven dollars.  

We will assist you through the entire restoration process.  It is now necessary to do a urine screen as part of the evaluation.  We have made it convenient for you to do the screening at our agency at the time of your assessment.    

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