Educational Services

Alcohol Highway Safety Education Classes

This agency specializes in Alcohol Education for District Courts and Out of State cases, which require an educational component/requirement for license re-instatement.

Most courts are now making a one day education class  mandatory for first time drunk drivers, this usually includes attending a victim impact panel and MADD classes.

Classes at this agency are held regularly the last Saturday of every month, consisiting of eight hours.  Class begins prompty at 9 am and convines at 5 pm. 


Class focus:

  • Consequences of conviction & Michigans State laws
  • The Addiction Process
  • Physiological & Psychological effects of use
  • Identification of problem
  • Underlying issues related to abuse
  • Strategies to prevent a future offense.

Classes requires pre-registration.   For more information call 734-283-1721.