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Kind regards
Sherry Barron


We no longer offer individual counseling services but would be happy to assist you in finding an agency to fulfill your needs 

A good rapport is critical to the counseling process.  It is important to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and at ease.  Someone who is understanding and a supportive listener.   

In choosing a therapist it is important to:

  • Be assured that your therapist is trained appropriately and meets state guidelines for providing therapy.
  • That your therapist explains the therapeutic processs and how you can benefit from it, without promising you success.
  • Always maintains professional practices by keeping the focus on you.
  • Provides a diagnosis if necessary, but remains focused on helping you get better. The diagnosis remains the backdrop of therapy, not the focus of it.
  • Understands and communicates that there are many effective approaches to therapy and no one can meet the needs of every client; identifiying a specific treatment plan for you.
  • Provides insight and knowledge that you otherwise may not have seen.
  • Responds openly and honestly to any questions you may have, maintaining confidentiality at all times.

   It is important to choose a therapist that makes you feel comfortable, provides evidenced based therapy and is serious about helping you work through your struggles; be easy to understand and have experience with your particular problem areas, to have a positive outcome in therapy.

Feel free to call for a personal consultation; to find out if you may benefit from our services.