What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

This is a machine used to detrmine your (BAC) blood alcohol concentration before your vehicle can start.  It is usually installed in the dashboard of your vehicle and is very similar to a breathalizer, where you breathe into the device so it can measure your blood alcohol content.

To prevent tampering, you may be required to hum into the device.  This is to prevent using an air mechanism to try and trick the machine.  An alarm may also sound if the machine is tampered with physically.   

What is a Roliing Test?

This test may occur after your initial test to assure that you are driving and that no one else is blowing into the device.  If you fail a rolling test your horn will honk repeatedly or the lights will flash off and on until your vehicle is turned off.  You must immediately restart your car after this breech to prevent any violations.  This could happen several times before the machine recalibrates.  If you do not blow again after a rolling test, you could be held in violation, where you will be sanctioned to appear by the Court or DLAD, whichever mandated your device and your privileges may be revoked. 

Your machine will have to be taken in regularly for calibration; this is when all your previous tests are downloaded for your final report.  You will be held financially responsible for an initial installation fee, which could range from $100 to $200 and monthly payments ranging from $70 to $100.   

It is highly recommended that if you have any problems with a rolling test or other violations that you believe may be incorrect; that you immediately have a breathalizer or urine screen at an alternate agency.  The Interlock Company will not provide you, the Court or DLAD with any documentation even if the machine is faulty.

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