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A Substance Abuse Assessment & Attorney are a Must....

If you have been ticketed for an alcohol or drug related offense, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney that specializes in alcohol and drug related cases.

It is extremely important to find legal counsel that specifically deals with the kind of problem you are dealing with.  There are many attorneys who will represent you that do not specialize in drug or alcohol related cases, but you may be taking your chances related to a successsful outcome. 

Many people have retained services from an attorney that has been referred by a  friend or family member;  but if they do not specialize in drug or alcohol related convictions you may not get the expertise that is necessary for the best possible outcome. 

It is important to feel secure in any professional relationship. 

Consider:  You would not ask your family physician to pull your tooth...Specialized practice is always the best bet. 

Always seek an attorney that has detailed knowledge related to your case.  Make sure you attorney is an honest individual; you would not want any attorney that has a questionable repuatation. 

The initial consultation should help you determine whether he/she will be responsive to your case.  Your instinct should serve as your guide.  You should have a good idea of the attorneys character after your initial interaction.  

An attorney that is a specialist in his field will prepare you to the best of his ability.  This means having you get a substance abuse evaluation by a state licensed therapist, that specializes in drug and alcohol related problems.

This will provide the judge with the specific information that he needs and identify that you are taking responsibility for your problem prior to his recommendation, which usually works in yoiur best interest.  

Below you will find some basic behaviors a good attorney will display and questions to ask prior to making a decsion to retain legal counsel.


A good attorney will:

  • Keep good eye contact / Look you in the eye.
  • Never gaurantee that he can win your case.  Nothing is a sure thing.
  • Make you aware of the risks associated with your case.
  • Provide periodic updates on your case in writing or by phone.
  • Be open to discussing any concerns.
  • Be clear about the maximum costs related to your case.
  • Return your calls within a reasonable period, or have his staff contact you.
  • Insist that a contract be signed by both parties at onset to avoid any disagreements.
  • Inform you if someone else will be assisting in your representation.

 Be sure to write down these and all other questions you want answered, before your initial consultation.  This will assist in identifying your attorneys business practices and assure that all your needs will be met.   


 You want to know the credability of the person you are entrusting your life to. 


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