Has Anger Caused Problems in Your Life?


Has Anger Damaged Your Relationships?  


Anger is a normal emotion; it is how you use it that determines your quality of life.

If your anger has led you to act disrespectfully or violently a Class in Anger Management may change your life dramatically.


Seven signs that could indicate you're an angry person:

  • Getting Mad over Little Things
  • Interrupting / Impatience
  • Being a Complainer
  • Holding a Grudge / Resentment
  • Getting Red in the Face / "Emotional Heat"
  • Bieng Overly Sensitive / Quick to Take Offense
  • Being Cold-Hearted / Taking Pleasure in the Misfortune of Others  


 Some of the possible reasons for anger could be:

Learned Behavior:  Being raised with caregivers that react angrily to any provocation, may result in (growing up) learning this behavior.

Psychiatric Disrders:  Many suffering from depression, or other disorders may experience irritablility and react angrily to perceived threats.

Intimidation:  Some use anger to intimidate others.  They lack conscience and enjoy having power over others.  They resort to threats, intimidation, manipualtion or agression to get what they want.

Anger can be a destructive force that denies peace; or a powerful motivating force, it is how you deal with it.

If you find yourself, frustrated, resentful, critical, judgmental, hostile, argumentative, or are over-reacting to an injustice or an imagined injustice; you could be putting yourself in jeopardy of psychological / physiological danger.

These behaviors could put you at risk for; high blood preessure, increased risk of stroke, chronic pain, or weaken your immune system putting you at risk for other disease.  

It also makes you susceptable to; depression, anxiety, inappropriate behavior, or may result in continued personal problems or legal issues.  

Our anger management program helps you learn the skills necessary to deal with situations rationally and successfully to change your perspective.  

Our program is Court approved and It is geared to assist people who have had minor domestic disputes resulting in personal or legal issues, or other willing participants who want to facilitate change.

It is an eight hour class and is not to be confused with a domestic violence forum.    


Remember:  "That Which Angers You, Controls You"


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